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Our Golden Girls

Artemis of Nature the Hunter
CKC Reg'n: FD-HU4077378, AKC Reg'n: SS21666206                          Pedigree:
ICT N/N Clear, PRA1 N/N Clear, GRMD XnY Clear, PRA2 N/N Clear, PRCD N/N Clear

Artemis came to us all the way from sunny California! She is such a sweet girl. She is often fearless around other dogs, assuming that everyone loves her. When she is playing or excited to see you she makes little whining, grunting noises, it is so funny and cute. While she has a more feminine face and build next to her sister Athena, Artemis still has big, sturdy paws and legs. When she meets a person she immediately runs up, sits as close as possible and looks up at them expecting pets, and she ALWAYS has a toy in her mouth. If she sees her sister getting pets instead of her she gets a little jealous and tries to push her way to the front. Tug-o-war is her favourite game, but she also likes to beat up her sisters Athena and Newfie sister Mizu. Artemis loves to cuddle and will lay on the couch with us for hours. She is an amazing mother, too!

"Athena"   (non-breeding)
Athena of Athens the Wise
CKC Reg'n:  FD-HU4074242, AKC Reg'n: SS22560407                    Pedigree:
ICT N/N Clear, PRA1 N/N Clear, GRMD XnY Clear, PRA2 N/N Clear, PRCD N/N Clear

We got Athena from a breeder in Tennessee. Athena is a little more independent than her sister, but still loves a good petting and a cuddle. She is pretty tough and will tell other dogs when she is annoyed with them, but also absolutely loves to play. Athena has no idea what growling means though. She is just too loving to understand the hostility. Her massive muzzle, wide chest, fluffy hair and big bones are absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately this sweet girl turned out to be infertile so we will not be so lucky as to meet her babies. It makes me very sad as she is absolutely the epitome of what it means to be a golden, but at least we got an amazing dog out of it as we do not rehome our dogs once they are done breeding. I'd say she could help Artemis raise her puppies instead, but Athena is very strict with pups!

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