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Our Newfoundlands

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Newfoundlands are the gentle giants of the dog world. They are sweet and loving, and make the best babysitters due to their gentle and caring nature. Do not be fooled, though! They are also very silly and love to play, especially when they are young. If you have ever heard the phrase "goofy newfy" it suits them very well.


Cash, our Newfoundland that started it all

miro (1).jpg

While Cash is not our foundation male, he is the one that sparked our love (possibly obsession) for the Newfoundland breed. We adopted him when he was 2 years old from a couple that were looking to rehome him. We adopted him and his Saint Bernard brother in a heartbeat. He is such an easygoing, gentle boy. Cash also is immensely strong and occasionally underestimates his own strength. As he got older we were looking for another puppy to soften the blow for when he passed, but could not find quite what we were looking for. We decided that it should be easier to find a good quality Newfoundland in our area and began the research and dedication it takes to become an expert.


Brizo, Our Sweet Angel Girl

Brizo was the sweetest, most chill girl in the world. She loved cuddles and getting pets. She also loved treats! I caught the brat counter surfing a few times. One time she got my fresh out of the oven, made from scratch pizza. But I would let her eat a million more handmade pizzas if it meant one more day with her. She had one litter of puppies, which brought to light the fatal disease she had been quietly suffering from. Instead of allowing her to suffer longer we put her to rest. She wagged her tail until the end. We will miss her dearly and hope her kids will grow big and strong and take on her docile, gentle, sweet nature.

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