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Our Newfoundlands

sweet brizo.jpg

Newfoundlands are the gentle giants of the dog world. They are sweet and loving, and make the best babysitters due to their gentle and caring nature. However! They are also very, very silly and LOVE to play, especially when they are young. If you have ever heard the phrase "goofy newfie" it suits them very well.

When thinking about getting a Newfoundland there are a few things you should be considering before dedicating yourself to one. This breed is extremely loving. They love everything, from people, other dogs, cats, basically any animal they come across. But they are still a mastiff breed, so there is a stubbornness that accompanies this. They can be a bit difficult to train because of this. Newfies will typically want to be told they are good boys and girls though, so nothing will be done with malicious intent, just from the same perspective of a kid trying to see if they can get away with something naughty.

Another thing you should consider are the grooming requirements. Their hair is a very thick double coat and needs to be kept up with regular brushing. If you can get omegas into their system, typically with a high-quality fish oil or even a dry food (ask us for brand suggestions!) then you can GREATLY reduce the amount of work for yourself. Omega oils soften the hair and build a good foundation for hair follicles, resulting in less shedding and a better shed period. There are two times of the year, Spring and Winter, where they will "blow coat" and their hair will fall out in clumps. Just brush this out a couple times when this happens and you will be good for the season. We recommend a monthly brushout, NO SHAVING! It is a very bad idea to shave a double coated breed as it ruins the quality of their hair and actually causes them to overheat more in the summer, and makes them more prone to hot spots when the hair grows back in. Our newfies are very easy-going so as long as it is done regularly, brushing and nail-trimming and even doing dental maintenance should be a breeze.

Now, having said all that, Newfies are such a joy to have. They are a constant companion and love spending time with people. They find happiness in everything they do and they make the best playmates, especially if you have kids as their favourite thing in the world is wrestling with children. No one makes me laugh more than my Newfoundland dogs. Even though they would much rather kiss an intruder than to ward them off, their size also make them intimidating enough to offer protection. Because Newfies were bred to be water-rescue dogs they don't have a mean bone in their body. They may try and save you from the water, even if you aren't drowning!

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Cash, our Newfoundland that started it all

While Cash was not our foundation male, but he is the one that sparked our love (possibly obsession) for the Newfoundland breed. We adopted him when he was 2 years old from a couple that were looking to rehome him, along with his Saint Bernard brother in a heartbeat. He was such an easygoing, gentle boy. Cash also was immensely strong and occasionally underestimated his own strength. As he got older we were looking for another puppy to soften the blow for when he passed, but could not find quite what we were looking for. We decided that it should be easier to find a good quality Newfoundland in our area and began the research and dedication it takes to become an expert, aided in our background in Golden Retriever breeding.


Brizo, Our Sweet Angel Girl

Brizo was the sweetest, most chill girl in the world. She loved cuddles and getting pets. She also loved treats! I caught the brat counter surfing a few times. One time she got my fresh out of the oven, made from scratch pizza. But I would let her eat a million more handmade pizzas if it meant one more day with her. She had one litter of puppies, which brought to light the fatal disease she had been quietly suffering from. Instead of allowing her to suffer longer we put her to rest. She wagged her tail until the end. We will miss her dearly and hope her kids will grow big and strong and take on her docile, gentle, sweet nature.

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