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Our Newfie Girls

Rhea of Olympus the Maternal
CKC Reg'n: FD-GS3997746, AKC Reg'n: WS66102002
Cystinuria and Degenerative Myelopathy Clear by parentage and by DNA

Coat Colour Genetics: bb, Dd, NN

Rhea is extremely silly and playful. Always with a big dopey grin and her tongue sticking out, she is quite the comedian. She absolutely loves the water and often tries to wrestle with her friends while swimming. Rhea is rather intelligent for a Newfie. Her build is athletic and slender, which makes her fairly agile. She loves to cuddle and often jumps on the couch to sit or lie next to us. Rhea absolutely loves everything and everyone and is a wonderful mama. She absolutely adores her babies and being a mom. We sometimes get people that say breeders are terrible people, but if you told Rhea she couldn't have any more babies she would be very depressed. Her babies are her obsession!


When you visit our kennel you may notice that our Newfoundlands are on the smaller, leaner side. This is partially due to the fact that they are intact, but largely due to their extremely high activity levels. Especially Rhea and Bahloo, who race around wrestling all day, every day since they were babies. This has developed them into lean dogs with the build of a sprinter. Most of their children will be much bulkier and fluffier due to a more sedentary lifestyle.

For example, here are Rhea's parents, who have a much more sedentary lifestyle:

Mum 126lbs

Dad 155lbs


Kianda of the Sea the Guardian
CKC Reg'n: FD–KW4271725, AKC Reg'n: WS78588701
Cystinuria and Degenerative Myelopathy Clear by parentage and by DNA

Coat Colour Genetics: bb, Dd, Nn

Kianda came to us from a lovely kennel in Texas. She is quite the spitfire and is likely our most intelligent dog, aside from maybe Tara, our Tibetan Mastiff. She is full of energy and uses it to wrestle all day with her sister from another mister, Mizu. She gets very jealous when Mizu tries to play with other dogs. Being the smaller of the two, Kiki has developed some tricks to win, which include sitting on her sister's head, or nipping at Mizu's ankles so she goes down easier. Kianda absolutely loves people. And other dogs. And cats. Pretty much anything and anyone. We are excited to see the rainbow of puppies she will produce in the future.

Mizu of the Water the Motherly
CKC Reg'n: CK-LN4267989
Cystinuria and Degenerative Myelopathy Clear by parentage and by DNA

Coat Colour Genetics: bb, DD, NN

We also got Mizu from the USA! But this time from Michigan. This girl is big boned and boxy - such a beast already and not even fully matured yet! We wanted to add some large bone structure to our line and sought out a nice big girl. Not only is this girl gorgeous, but she is the biggest suck in the UNIVERSE. She absolutely LOVES people and just soaks up any attention she can get. Heaven forbid we do something without her, she always wants to be involved. She gives the best kisses, and the most by-far. Mizu is super duper silly and enjoys a good wrestling match with both people and dogs alike. Her sister, Kianda, is her favourite playmate and outmatches her in size, but loses to her in wit more often than not. We are super excited to see her beautiful babies in the future.

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