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Our Newfie Girls

Rhea of Olympus the Maternal
CKC Reg'n: FD-GS3997746, AKC Reg'n: WS66102002
Cystinuria and Degenerative Myelopathy Clear by parentage and by DNA

Coat Colour Genetics: bb, Dd, NN

Rhea is extremely silly and playful. Always with a big dopey grin and her tongue sticking out, she is quite the comedian. She absolutely loves the water and often tries to wrestle with her friends while swimming. Rhea is definitely the most intelligent of our Newfies. Her build is much more athletic and slender than Brizo's, which makes her a bit more agile. She loves to cuddle and often jumps on the couch to sit or lie next to us. Rhea absolutely loves everything and everyone and will make a wonderful mama some day.

When you visit our kennel you may notice that our Newfoundlands are on the smaller, leaner side. This is partially due to the fact that they are intact, but largely due to their extremely high activity levels. Especially Rhea and Bahloo, who race around with their friends at the kennel all day, every day since they were babies. This has developed them into lean dogs with the build of a sprinter. Most of their children will be much bulkier and fluffier due to a more sedentary lifestyle.

For example, here are Rhea's parents, who have a much more sedentary lifestyle:

Mum 126lbs

Dad 155lbs

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