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Our Goldens


Goldens by nature are sweet, good-natured dogs that love everyone and everything. That goes double for our crowd! We breed for health and vitality, as well as a laid-back, super friendly temperament. An English Golden is shorter, stalkier, lighter in colour, and typically live longer than the American-style.

There really is not a downside to getting a golden. We refer to them as a blank slate dog as they will honestly become whatever you want them to be. Just want to laze around the house and chill? Sounds good. Want an active companion to go on hikes and runs with? Amazing! Want an amazingly calm dog that would be ideal as a service dog? Perfect! The only real downside is that they aren't the sharpest. Many people mistakenly call them intelligent because of their willingness to learn, which in a way is absolutely true. Goldens especially want to be good boys and girls and have a lot of gusto about trying to figure out what their humans want. However, our dogs can have difficulties grasping complicated commands and training techniques. Not that it's impossible, we just don't have the confidence to tell you that your puppy is going to be an obedience competition star.

For grooming, as long as you get lots of omegas into their system when they are young especially, you will save a lot of time and effort with grooming. I honestly only need to brush our goldens every other month, and even then I don't get much hair outside of shedding season. At the beginning of Spring and Winter they will blow coat, where the hair will look clumpy and may even come off them in chunks. Just brush through it a few times and you will be good to go. NEVER shave a golden! They are a double-coated breed and should not be shaved as this will cause their hair to grow back with less integrity and be way more prone to hot-spots. If you are worried about it in the summer, having their fur actually protects them from the sun and keeps them cooler than being shaved when in the sun. Just provide a kiddy pool, a fan, A/C, or even a bucket of ice and they will love it. Typically goldens are water-loving dogs and will love a good swim.

If you are in need of a best friend of your life, then a golden is perfect for you. They are extremely affectionate and make the best cuddlers. Not only do they want to please, they have a knack for understanding when people are sad and will do whatever they can to make you happy. Goldens are the most amazing companions.

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