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Our Golden Boys


Sol of the Sun the Unconquered

CKC Reg'n: CK-FE3984431              Pedigree:

ICT N/P Carrier, PRA1 N/N Clear, GRMD XnY Clear, PRA2 N/N Clear, PRCD N/N Clear

Sol is Thor's son and you can immediately tell when you meet them, and not just because they look alike. You will be met by a pair of whines, both pacing back and forth in front of you trying to get your attention. He is such a gentle guy. Sol is always on the bottom when it comes to wrestling matches with his brothers and sisters, but he gets a little over-excited when playing with his daddy. He would rather spread the love and cuddle with people though. He absolutely loves to snuggle and will often fall asleep on our laps.

"Thor" (retired)

B and J's Thor

CKC Reg'n: AG511076             Pedigree:

Thor was our first golden, our foundation male, and he is the biggest baby out of them all. He is such a lover and often confuses other dog's aggression for trying to play. We kept his son for our breeding program due to his amazing temperament, robust health, and dashing good looks. We always joke that Thor is fueled by happiness. He is so excited and whines and barks when we get home, even if it was just for thirty seconds, he is still so happy to see us again. He loves to cuddle and has so much personality.

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