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Our Newfie Boys

Bahloo the Indigo of the Moon

CKC Reg'n: FD-HA3997744, AKC Reg'n: WS67186203
Cystinuria and Degenerative Myelopathy Clear by parentage and by DNA

Coat Colour Genetics: Bb, dd, NS

Bahloo is such a ham! He is the epitome of goofy Newfie. He grew up with Rhea and Brizo, who are 6 months older than him. Being the youngest of the Newfies at the time he had to learn how to make up for the size difference so he plays pretty hard. He is adorable and loves everyone, but his favourite dog to play with is his little golden brother, Sol. Bahloo learns very quickly from corrections and absolutely wants to be told he is a good boy. Growing up with Thor as his role model, he is a wonderful stud dog and has fathered some beautiful babies.

When you visit our kennel you may notice that our Newfoundlands are on the smaller, leaner side. This is partially due to the fact that they are intact, but largely due to their extremely high activity levels. Especially Rhea and Bahloo, who race around wrestling all day, every day since they were babies. This has developed them into lean dogs with the build of a sprinter. Most of their children will be much bulkier and fluffier due to a more sedentary lifestyle.

For example, here are Bahloo's parents, who have a much more sedentary lifestyle:

Mum 125lbs

Dad 155lbs

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